The children are out of the house, career planning is over

The children are out of the house, career planning is over

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The German Football Association (DFB) has spoken a word of power in the dispute over the continuation of the 3rd division – now there is a threat of going to court. The association set May 30th as the date for the restart and informed the clubs by email late Wednesday evening. On Thursday everything was fixed by decision of the executive committee. The eleven game days will be played through in English weeks, the season should end on July 4th. The relegation should be completed by July 11th.

Accordingly, the third division teams have to move into the seven-day quarantine training camp specified in the hygiene concept at the weekend. After a break from competition of more than two months, many clubs would extend their playing time with just one week of team training.

After the first restart date on May 26th was not tenable, the DFB apparently wanted to quickly create facts. And thus revealed that the health of the players can probably not be taken into account. Because not all clubs are in team training. In Münster, Halle, Magdeburg and Jena alone, training in small groups has so far only been officially approved. Therefore, a legal dispute threatens. „We feel compelled to have this sudden development legally examined under the aspect of equal opportunities,“ said Jens Rauschenbach, President of Halleschen FC. Jena announced that legal action would be taken on Friday.

With the definition of the new framework game plan, the DFB is giving in to the pressure of eight clubs that had requested this on Tuesday via an open letter including an ultimatum. On Wednesday, Felix Magath, advisor to the Würzburger Kickers, added it via „Bild“. „It is hard to understand why the first two professional leagues came up with a concept and have long since played again – but not the third professional league,“ said the 66-year-old. CEO Daniel Sauer was pleased after the decision: „For weeks we have been speaking out clearly and unequivocally in favor of a sequel that in our eyes was and is no alternative.“ Uerdingen expresses itself similarly.

„It is important and necessary that there is now clarity about the further timetable in the 3rd league. The 3rd league is a nationwide professional game class, negative political dispositions at individual locations must not completely prevent the majority of games throughout Germany,“ said DFB -President Fritz Keller. All games are to be broadcast live on „MagentaSport“.

The DFB also asked the clubs in writing to put pressure on politicians. „The clubs, which are not yet allowed to play professional games at their locations, are now called upon to actively clarify with the responsible authorities,“ said the association.

Because that is not possible in Saxony-Anhalt, Hallesche FC was already planning to move to North Rhine-Westphalia. The club had booked a training camp and wanted to leave on Thursday. On Tuesday evening, however, according to dpa information from the DFB, the message came that a political decision on the continuation of the season was not expected before May 25. So the HFC canceled – only to be told the opposite by the association a day later. „Within 24 hours there were two completely different statements that made our plans regarding the mandatory quarantine training camp absurd,“ complained sports director Ralf Heskamp.

Problems also arise with the stadium issue. Bottom line Carl Zeiss Jena is not allowed to play at the Ernst-Abbe-Sportfeld until June 5th, but should play his home game against Chemnitz on May 31st. The announcement of the DFB: They are happy to help, but ultimately the search for an alternative location is the responsibility of the clubs.essay help 123

Obviously, there is no longer any question that all teams should be in team training for two weeks before the restart takes place. According to various club representatives, this had been promised. Last Friday, the DFB canceled May 26th as the restart date because „the third division should be given a preparation time that is comparable to that of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 clubs“.

Meanwhile, the three suspected corona cases in Kaiserslautern have been clarified. In a second test, all tests were negative, the club announced on Thursday. On Friday you will get back into team training.

Legal questions are now open, including contract law. Agreements with players and sponsors are only valid until June 30th and must now be adjusted. This has financial consequences for the clubs.

The higher regional court (OLG) Frankfurt has torn apart the standard contract of a construction company for the turnkey construction of residential buildings. On the basis of the new construction contract law, which has been in force since 2018, 18 clauses are ineffective, the judges ruled in the model case submitted by a consumer protection association. (Ref .: 29 U 146/19)

According to the judgment published on Wednesday, for example, consumers do not have to promise that their property can be used by construction vehicles weighing up to 40 tons without any problems. An average consumer could not judge that any more than the „usual property properties“ that the property developer wanted to ensure. Any additional costs would then be borne by the customer. Even with regulations for the acceptance of the building, the consumer must be better off than provided for in the contract, the judges ruled.

The decision is not yet final. Since there is still no supreme court case law on the new contract law, the fundamentally important matter was approved for revision at the Federal Court of Justice.

Three is one too many – that usually applies to love. Sharing one’s husband with someone else is out of the question for most women. Patrizia and Anna are very different. They both love the same man, have been in a three-year relationship and are happy with it – as they say.  

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Two years as a couple

Thirty-two-year-old Patrizia had been dating Gerry, eight years her senior, for two years when Anna came in. „We had a very tolerant relationship before,“ explains Patrizia. „He told me from the start that Gerry doesn’t like to live monogamous. When Anna started working for him, I immediately noticed that he really liked her. He talked about her every evening.“ When her boyfriend finally agrees to meet her colleague, Patrizia doesn’t mind.

Just an adventure at first

„I have to admit that I initially assumed that Anna would be a short adventure for him,“ admits the thirty-two year old. After a few weeks, however, Gerry confessed to her that he would love Anna. „That was a very strange feeling,“ recalls Patrizia. „But we talked about it for a long time and he assured me that it doesn’t detract from his love for me in the least.“ Gerry finally suggested that the two women just get to know each other.

Sympathy for the rival

„When I met Anna for the first time, I immediately really liked her. I just didn’t have the feeling that she wanted to take anything away from me,“ recalls Patrizia. „We looked at each other and we liked each other even though we are absolutely different.“ The thirty-two-year-old doesn’t see her partner’s „second wife“ as competition, but as a complement, as she says. „I’m more of an extrovert, very lively and active. Anna is quite calm, more of an introvert. Visually, we are both the complete opposite,“ adds the thirty-two year old.

Threesome without sex

At first Gerry spent two or three nights a week with Anna, the rest of the time he was in the shared apartment with Patrizia. Gradually, however, they did something more and more often as a third party. After three years now, it is now the case that they all often go to dinner, to the cinema or to the pub together. Sometimes Anna stays with Patrizia and Gerry. „What is absolutely taboo for us, however, is sex for three people,“ says Patrizia. „I don’t mind that Gerry sleeps with Anna. But a threesome is out of the question for me.“ However, this has nothing to do with jealousy, as she asserts, but with the fact that she cannot muster any erotic feelings for a woman.

Little understanding from the friends

Gerry and Patrizia and Anna do not keep the nature of their relationship a secret. Opinions are very divided among her friends. While the men confirm Gerry with a grin that he is to be envied, the women in particular cannot understand how one can get involved in such a love triangle. „Most of my friends think I’m stupid,“ laughs Patrizia. „They think that Gerry is only picking the raisins out of the cake and think I’m the poor cheated woman who doesn’t want to see it. Our relationship is much more harmonious than I often experience with these friends and their partners,“ she adds added.

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Clouds over paradise

Even if the relationship model between Patrizia, Gerry and Anna has been working well for the three of them for three years, dark clouds are slowly gathering over paradise. A few weeks ago Anna announced that she would like to have children. „It was always clear to Gerry and me that we didn’t want our own offspring, that never fit into our life plans,“ says Patrizia. Gerry, however, hesitates now and thinks about whether he would like to become a father after all. How the roles will then be distributed in their relationship is still uncertain for Patrizia. „I know that things could not continue as before,“ she says. „I hope that the topic of children will soon be off the table again.“ And you almost think you can see a little uncertainty in her gaze.  

The children are out of the house, career planning is over. Now a new test begins for many couples: that of love. Because couples now need something new that holds them together. This could be traveling or shared hobbies, but sex also plays a crucial role. This is where couples can rediscover each other – and take advantage of their age.

Divorces are more common among the 60-plus generation than they used to be. Because many have lost sight of each other over time. The most important thing is to ask yourself: How do we bring our relationship back to life? A partnership has to be cultivated very consciously, says Hans Jellouschek, couples therapist and author in Tübingen. In the years with children, jobs and building a livelihood, this has often faded into the background. It is all the more important that couples take time out for common activities, for conversation, tenderness and sexuality. 

Sex is more satisfying than it used to be

Couples shouldn’t ignore the fact that affection also takes place under the covers. According to couple therapist Jellouschek, there is definitely the possibility of eroticism and intimacy in old age, which is more fulfilling and satisfying than in previous years. „You have more time and no longer have to rush to an orgasm.“ Slow enjoyment is paramount. 

Slow sex means above all: take your time and enjoy

Discovering the benefits of slow sex is a great opportunity, according to the expert. If the sexual strength begins to decrease in men, for example, this also has advantages for sex. Maybe it doesn’t go so quickly anymore, which many women find pleasant. Stroking, oral sex, or stimulating erogenous zones can be very satisfying. Of course, that doesn’t happen by itself. „Couples have to create space for this,“ says Jellouschek. For example, by consciously dating for sex. Show them that we belong together erotically as a couple. 

Plan joint activities

But it’s not just physical intimacy that keeps longtime couples together. Joint activities are also important. The Lindner couple from Münsingen, who have been married for 50 years, also know this. „We get up in the morning and ask ourselves: ‚What good can we do for ourselves today?‘ Then we plan a bike tour or go to the thermal baths, to the fitness studio or to the city for a coffee, „says 70-year-old Gunter Lindner. 

Age problems can weld together

It is important to treat each other with care and to give each other recognition. Sentences like „You did that well“ encourage togetherness. It is astonishing that the courtesy that one shows others is often neglected in the partner, says Jellouschek. Small gestures are decisive: the nice greeting in the morning, the friendly „good night“ before going to sleep. This expresses affection without becoming a rigid formula. The Lindners also try to look out for each other. „Because of our illnesses, a heart operation and joint problems, we both moved closer together and take care of each other,“ says Gunter Lindner. 

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„Couples need a new third“

According to Jellouschek, couples often need a new third in the retirement phase: a shared hobby, a social commitment or a pet. It is also important for older couples to maintain contacts with the outside world, advises the Swiss psychotherapist and book author Katharina Ley. „So you have something to tell yourself.“ At the Lindners it looks like this: „We are friends with other couples. And we have our own freedom – my wife with her sauna friends and I with my volleyball players,“ says Gunter. It depends on being an independent person with your own interests and not excluding others in the process, says Jellouschek.  

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