Is he going

Is he going

The good news, however, is: On Rose Monday, when the biggest parades start, the wind drops significantly.

The German Weather Service (DWD) warned on Sunday morning all over North Rhine-Westphalia of gusts of wind up to wind force 9. There will be particularly strong gusts in the region around Aachen and in the mountains, said a DWD meteorologist in Essen. In addition, it rains heavily and almost continuously. There will be 30 to 40 liters per square meter in many regions.

On Rose Monday, the weather in the west will be much calmer. According to the forecasts, only a weak wind will then blow. However, the meteorologists expect more rain clouds again during the day.

Saturday, February 22nd, 3 p.m .: Brazil celebrates colorfully

A dancer from the Barroca Zona Sul samba school in São Paulo: The height of the carnival has begun in Brazil. (Source: Andre Penner / AP / dpa)

The height of the carnival has begun in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the first parades of the samba schools passed through the stadiums. Even rain couldn’t keep the dancers. Read more here.

10.55 a.m.: Seehofer announces increased police use

Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer announced an increased police deployment after the attack in Hanau. He also referred to the upcoming carnival celebrations. „The threat from right-wing terrorism, anti-Semitism and racism is very high in Germany,“ said the CSU politician in Berlin on Friday. After the attack in Hanau, copycats are to be expected. Shortly before the major events, the police presence will be increased in coordination with the federal states across Germany. In addition to train stations and airports, sensitive facilities, especially mosques, would be protected.

Friday, February 21, 7.47 a.m .: Carnival parades take place in many places despite the attack

After the extreme right-wing attack in Hanau, Hesse, with eleven dead, nothing should change in many cities about the planned carnival parades. As planned, two parades will take place in nearby Frankfurt am Main, as a spokesman for the Great Council of Carnival Associations said. There – as elsewhere – the carnivalists planned to talk to the police about the security situation. In Cologne and Düsseldorf, wagon builders want to refer to the content of the attack. „We are not only responsible for peace, joy, pancakes, we have a political carnival“, said the Düsseldorf car maker Jacques Tilly.

Sources used: news agencies dpa, AFP, Reuters

What does Seehofer’s resignation as CSU chairman mean for the GroKo? Is he also stepping down as Minister of the Interior? Nahles and Altmaier looked into the glass ball at „“ Anne Will „“ – and verbally wadded off. 

News of the day

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The guests:

Andrea Nahles (SPD), party leader and parliamentary group leader in the BundestagPeter Altmaier (CDU), Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and EnergyJürgen Trittin (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen), member of the BundestagUrsula Münch, political scientistChristoph Schwennicke, Editor-in-Chief „“ Cicero „“

The fronts:

The popular parties urgently need a breath of fresh air. In the case of the SPD, this should include a large debate camp on the weekend in Berlin. And the Union is also changing with a bang: shortly before the broadcast, it became known that the ailing CSU party leader Horst Seehofer will resign in January. He also did not rule out resigning as Minister of the Interior. Altmaier said he knew nothing about that – not without pointing out that there was no lack of renewal signals due to the withdrawal of politicians like Sigmar Gabriel, Thomas de Maizière and, in the future, Angela Merkel.

Münch saw the ball in the field of Angela Merkel. „“ The CSU can only make a limited decision about resigning as Minister of the Interior, the Chancellor has to do that first, „said the political scientist. “If pressure is exerted, he may well say he will quit.” “Trittin would be happy in any case: it is“ high time ”“ to resign. With his master plan for asylum, he played into the hands of the AfD and also stumbled across the Maaßen cause.

And what about Merkel? Shouldn’t it follow the recommendation of Gerhard Schröder, who regards party leadership and chancellorship as inseparable? Altmaier: „“ There is absolutely no automatism for this. She remains Chancellor. „“ And what does the show around the CDU party leadership mean for the grand coalition? On the candidates Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Friedrich Merz and Jens Spahn „“ there are different directions, „“ said Nahles. That in turn depends on what can be implemented in the coalition. „“ At the moment the trust is a little disturbed. „“ 

The excitement of the evening:

Spread the spirit of optimism, profile your own party, use the weaknesses of the partners: three goals that shaped a somewhat erratic debate. It was primarily about the Union. Merz is staging these days as socially caring, main competitor Kramp-Karrenbauer even wants to deport offenders to Syria. Pure election tactics or first indications of a change of direction in the Union? Trittin doesn’t really take such statements seriously, he said. „“ In the case of deportations, courts decide at the end of the day. „“ And how does the future coalition partner feel about the candidates? Nahles could not be elicited anything official, but made little secret of her aversion to Merz and also to Markus Söder, who acted as CSU party leader. It was clear to them: The SPD has big plans, the dispute in the Union is slowing down. She has plenty of goals, for example a „“ general renovation of the welfare state „“, citizens‘ insurance and a Hartz 4 reform. Altmaier shot back: These things are not in the coalition agreement. “One of the problems is that the SPD does not stand behind what it says.” “The agenda reform has been successful. Thereupon Nahles: „“ I think a little further beyond the coalition agreement with you, and if in doubt we will also look for other majorities if that is not possible with you. „“

The fact check:

Was Agenda 2010 really responsible for the sharp drop in unemployment? Altmaier even spoke of halving. There was occasional contradiction on Twitter:

\ n „“, ‚Twitter‘); }) (); / ** /

A fact check is not that easy here. So to this day there is hardly any agreement on this question. „Unequivocal interdependencies“ cannot be shown due to the complexity of the topic, writes Ulrich Walwei, the deputy director of the Institute for Employment Research in Nuremberg. The scientist sees the agenda as a success. The „“ Süddeutsche Zeitung „“ quotes researchers from the same institute with a partly different opinion: „“ The good economic situation and moderate wage agreements have supported the effect of the reform. „“ What is often forgotten is the basis for discussion. Because in Germany one million more people are unemployed than is widely assumed – over three and a half million. This is because many people are excluded from the statistics. For example, Hartz IV recipients over 58 do not count as unemployed. For political reasons, this discrepancy is largely concealed. The claim that Agenda 2010 cut unemployment in half from around five million to around two and a half million is wrong.

Sources used: Süddeutsche Zeitung: The Agenda 2010 in CheckSpiegel Online: This is how unemployment is calculated Corrective: Why one million unemployed are not visible in the official statisticsFurther sourcesDisplay less sources

Is he going? And if so: how? It gets lonely around Seehofer. The CSU honorary chairman Stoiber advises him to quit as party leader. But would he then also drop out as Minister of the Interior?

Bavarian Prime Ministers: Blue and white demigods
Photo series with 12 pictures

The former CSU chairman Edmund Stoiber suggests Horst Seehofer to give up the party chairmanship. Stoiber advises his party in the „“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung „“ to put the office of party chairman and the Bavarian prime minister back in one hand. That would mean: Seehofer would have to go, and Markus Söder would become party leader.

„When Franz Josef Strauss was both Bavarian Prime Minister and Chairman of the CSU, he helped to shape all major decisions in federal politics,“ „Stoiber told the newspaper. „“ He influenced the group of party leaders. If you separate the office of prime minister from that of party chairman, that’s weaker. „“

Meetings with district chairmen

Seehofer meets today with the district chairmen of the CSU in the party headquarters in Munich. According to information from „“ Spiegel „“, a „“ roadmap for the future of the party chairmanship „“ should also come out. Many in the party are hoping for a first signal from Seehofer to withdraw from the party leadership. 

In case of doubt, however, three district associations could convene a special party conference against his will. A new CSU chairman could then be elected there. Stoiber is also expecting such a special party conference.

As the „“ FAS „“ reports, Stoiber is not the only one who is increasingly moving away from Seehofer. The chairman of the Nuremberg-Fürth-Schwabach district association, Michael Frieser, in the newspaper, like Stoiber, advocates combining the offices of party chairman and prime minister. The district associations of Upper Bavaria and Swabia have also requested special party conferences.

Edmund Stoiber: The former CSU chairman is indirectly in favor of Markus Söder as party leader. (Source: Stefan Zeitz / imago images)

According to „“ FAS „“ similar arguments are also made in the Mittelstands-Union, the Bavarian Seniors Union and the Christian-Democratic workforce in Bavaria.

Will Seehofer remain Minister of the Interior?

The „“ Bild am Sonntag „“ claims to have learned from close confidants of Seehofer’s that he no longer wants to remain Federal Minister of the Interior without the party chairmanship. One could perhaps continue to work for a few more months, but there would be no muddling through on this post in the grand coalition, the tabloid quotes the familiar.

Recently, however, there had also been reports claiming the opposite. The „“ Zeit „“ wrote, also referring to confidants, that Seehofer wanted to retire as chairman, but would remain Minister of the Interior. 

Seehofer denies withdrawal: „“ That’s a fat duck „“ Criticism from his own party: The man who doesn’t want to go Expert: „“ I advise against declaring the CSU dead „“

What is true of this will also depend on how the talks are going today and how much support Seehofer still feels in the party. An official statement by Seehofer is not expected until the beginning of the week anyway. The „“ Spiegel „“ writes that Seehofer will probably declare himself on Tuesday at the earliest, also so as not to burden the formation of a government in Bavaria. Because on Monday Söder will appoint his ministers to the Bavarian government.

Sources used: „“ Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung „“: Seehofer is getting lonely (chargeable) „“ Spiegel „“: The Watschnbaum (chargeable) Without the CSU chairmanship, he also wants to leave BerlinNews agency dpa

The CSU relies on two things: that Horst Seehofer not only leaves as party leader, but also as interior minister – even if he doesn’t want to say that in public. Or will everything turn out differently again?

Horst Seehofer: Once celebrated, later fired
Photo series with 12 pictures

At the very end, Horst Seehofer puts on his well-known mischievous smile. „Was that clear enough?“ He asks, nodding to the journalists in Bautzen, Saxony. The CSU boss and Federal Minister of the Interior came on Monday to open a police search and competence center – even though he dominated the nationwide headlines with his announcement of his withdrawal. He now wants to say a few sentences to clarify.

„“ I will resign from the position of chairman of the CSU. This decision has been made, „“ he confirms on the one hand. When exactly, that will be announced to the public in the course of this week. „“ The change is part of life, for me too, „says the 69-year-old, only to then add further sentences that are causing renewed unrest in parts of the CSU. „“ My position as Federal Minister of the Interior is completely unaffected by this, and it will remain so, „emphasized Seehofer. „“ I am Federal Minister of the Interior and will continue to hold office. „“

It sounded different the night before

I beg your pardon? In view of the reports from Bautzen, many in the CSU asked on Monday. Didn’t Seehofer announce his resignation the evening before in an internal meeting – from both offices?

The fact is that Seehofer’s resignation as CSU boss is almost imminent. At the beginning of 2019 there will be a special party conference at which a successor will be elected – probably Markus Söder. Seehofer wants to communicate the exact schedule himself, so it was discussed in deliberations of the closest CSU top on Sunday evening. The internal pressure on Seehofer to finally give up the chairmanship was too great.

Seehofer makes it clear in this internal group that he also wants to quit as Federal Minister of the Interior, as several participants confirm after his statements on Monday. Although he does not name a point in time, he makes it clear that he does not want to remain minister for long without the party chairmanship. „“ That was very clear on Sunday evening, „“ emphasizes one of the closest party leaders. According to participants, Seehofer already spoke of the fact that the new CSU boss would have to take care of the reorganization of the CSU in Berlin.