In the latest comparison by Stiftung Warentest from April 2016, Nutella was the test winner.

In the latest comparison by Stiftung Warentest from April 2016, Nutella was the test winner.

And the spread from the Italian manufacturer Ferrero is also very popular. You know what you have. Nevertheless, the company has now changed the recipe for the nut nougat cream. Why? tried to find out.

Nutella conquered the breakfast tables of the Germans in 1965. Since then, the mass of sugar, fat, hazelnuts and other ingredients has been a best seller. "never change a running system" is a common rule in business. Nevertheless, the confectionery company has modified the recipe for success: less cocoa, more skimmed milk powder, a little more sugar, a little more fat. This much can be determined by comparing the previous and the new ingredients and nutritional information on the glass. But WHY?

How does Ferrero justify the changed recipe?

The Ferrero press office apparently does not want to provide any information. We asked over the phone, but the press officers didn’t even give their names over the phone. That is the one there "Policy" is it [called. Corporate communications does not provide any information about Nutella either and refers to a contact person from the group who is currently not available. We were asked to inquire in writing. But unfortunately we haven’t received an answer so far about what the changed recipe is all about. If this still follows, we will of course submit it at this point.

How do experts rate the changed recipe?

Changing the recipe is not necessarily to the benefit of the consumer, as the food chemist Joachim Klatt finds. In 1984 he tested Nutella as a product tester for Stiftung Warentest: "Back then I ate the stuff by spoonfuls to judge the differences. Nutella tasted great, better than any other. It was harmoniously matched with a strong hazelnut aroma."

The mixture of ingredients was relatively similar for all the chocolate creams tested, says Klatt: "But no matter how good the composition is – if a stimulant doesn’t taste good, that’s botch" states the chemist.

The food tester is skeptical about the alleged reduction in the cocoa content: "The cocoa is the valuable component. In my opinion, this is not to be seen positively." Cocoa and hazelnuts are more expensive than sugar and fat. The cocoa content has now been reduced, the sugar content increased slightly and the fat content reduced slightly. Nutella contains the particularly inexpensive palm fat. The use of palm oil has been heavily criticized because rainforests often give way to oil palm plantations in Southeast Asia. From a health point of view, palm fat is significantly less favorable than most other vegetable fats, because it has a high proportion of saturated fatty acids.

Also in 2016, Nutella performed best in the test

In the latest comparison by Stiftung Warentest from April 2016, Nutella was the test winner. The experts judged: "Nutella smells and tastes aromatic, strongly of freshly roasted hazelnuts. With a strong chocolate note and a clear milk note." 

Nutella is no longer allowed to use the trustworthy logo of Stiftung Warentest with the top grade of 1.9 due to the changed recipe. Apparently the good reputation is enough for the group. Ferrero is also rewarded for this: Nutella costs almost twice as much as chocolate spreads from discounters, which also received the grade good.

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The author herself thinks: Nutella now tastes a little less chocolaty.

Surprise eggs are one of the export hits of the confectionery giant Ferrero. However, there is a ban in the US due to safety regulations. Now there is finally a test egg from the manufacturer – but not the real one.

The USA is the land of opportunity – firearms are allowed, surprise eggs are prohibited. At least the latter should supposedly change: "Children’s eggs" come to America in 2018, reported a number of media at the end of the year. But what made the hearts of the fans beat faster was a misunderstanding. The Italian confectionery giant Ferrero did not bring the much sought-after "Children’s surprise" out but "Children Joy" – a plastic egg with a chocolate filling in one half and toys in the other.

1938 law prohibits Ü-eggs

The original remains taboo due to strict US laws. This means that the USA, traditionally regarded as market-liberal, is the only major economic area in the world where Ferrero is not allowed to offer its export hit. The reason is a law of 1938. It bans sweets that contain inedible objects – because of the risk of swallowing. In 1997, Nestlé learned that the US was serious "Magic Ball" a round copy of the surprise ice cream.

Also at "smuggled" The border guards have no fun with Ü-eggs. The U.S. Customs Service periodically advises that "Children’s eggs" not allowed into the country. In 2012 the authorities even announced that over 60,000 surprise eggs had been confiscated in the previous year. "These treats may be cute, but they are too dangerous for children to legally import into the United States" it said at the time in the warning. Those who get caught risk fines.

campaign "Free the Egg"

The chocolate eggs also have cult status in the USA. 2011 was the campaign "Free the Egg" (Free the Egg) started collecting signatures for a petition for legalization. Leslie Dannelly from Florida is behind the initiative and blogs about her concerns. She is currently explaining the differences between the prohibited on YouTube "Kinder Surprise Egg" and the legal "Children Joy". It’s been around outside of the US since 2001.

"Children Joy" by Ferrero: The plastic egg with chocolate filling in one half and toys in the other half are approved in the USA and absolutely legal. (Source: Hannes Breustedt / dpa)

Ü-Ei activist Dannelly is at least quite satisfied with the replacement solution. "I like both products" says the 45-year-old who got a taste for it from her French mother and visits to Germany. But not everyone can get used to it. Therefore, frustration is sometimes reduced on Twitter. "What the absolute hell is this?!?" asks a user. "But these are not the real surprise eggs, but fake scrap eggs" writes another.

Ferrero wants to compete with Mars, Hershey and Mondelez

According to Ferrero, the new product was well received in the USA overall. The Italians also afforded an extensive marketing offensive with TV advertising at the Academy Awards. The company does not provide figures, but Americans seem to be curious. In any case, they were in Brooklyn’s Park Slope "Children Joy"- Eggs quickly sold out at the major retail chains Rite Aid and CVS on busy 5th Avenue in the Easter business.

Although Ferrero has already celebrated respectable successes in the USA with Nutella and Tic Tac, the market share is so far small. That should change now. The group is in the process of taking over Nestlé’s US confectionery business for 2.3 billion euros. Then he wants to finally heat up the top dogs Mars, Hershey and Mondelez.

That’s why the chocolate egg is "Choco Treasure" allowed

Legalization advocate Dannelly does not understand why US laws actually prohibit the real Ü-eggs. There are some deaths from ingestion of toys made from Ferrero eggs. The likelihood of dying as a result is lower than being fatally struck by lightning, according to their petition.

As Nestlé in 1997 "Magic Ball" had to take from the US market, the Swiss consumer goods company was a report of "New York Times" according to in a lobby battle with the US rival Mars. The M&M’s manufacturer had therefore financed a campaign in which consumer associations and parents successfully put pressure on the US authorities. Something like that couldn’t happen to Ferrero, the company assures – "Children Joy" be approved and absolutely legal.

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Amazingly, a US manufacturer even managed to get approval for a product that is very similar to the real Ü-Egg. Candy Treasure from New Jersey has been allowed to have their chocolate egg since 2013 "Choco Treasure" sell, which also contains a plastic capsule with toys. The only difference to Ferrero’s surprise egg is that the chocolate halves do not completely enclose the plastic core. The plastic that is visible from the outside – at least in the opinion of the US regulators – makes it immediately clear to consumers that the content is not edible.

Sources used: dpa

"You have to stop eating Nutella" – With this appeal against the popular spread, France’s Environment Minister Ségolène Royal caused a sensation last week. The politician apologized shortly afterwards for her statement. The consumer center Hamburg (vzhh) has nevertheless taken the vortex as an opportunity to examine the ingredients of the chocolate cream more closely. With a picture on Facebook, consumer advocates want to show what exactly is in Nutella.

Royal had criticized the spread mainly because of its palm oil content. Environmentalists accuse palm oil producers of cutting down forests for their plantations. However, Ferrero stated that since 2013 it has only been using palm oil from sustainably managed plantations. Like some other corporations, the company relies on quality seals that show that the damage to the environment is reduced.

Nutella is not only on many breakfast tables but is currently being criticized again. The French …

Posted by Consumer Center Hamburg on Thursday, June 18, 2015Split opinions on Nutella

A look at the picture of the consumer advice center shows: The main ingredient in Nutella is sugar. This is also clear when you look at the label: The main ingredient must always come first in the list of ingredients. In second place comes the criticized palm oil. Only in third place are the hazelnuts shown on the label of the spread. The ingredients are highly praised on the Nutella homepage: "First-class raw materials, carefully ashleymadison sourced!"

The consumer advice center writes on Facebook: "Ferrero is committed to more sustainable cultivation, but is that enough? Or would you rather buy palm oil-free food?" The opinions of the users are divided: While some claim to avoid all Ferrero products, others swear by the delicious taste of the chocolate cream despite palm oil and sugar.

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You can find more information on this on the consumer association’s Facebook page.

Around 600,000 jars of Nutella are produced every day in the world’s largest Nutella factory in France. Now the plant has stopped production. That’s what Ferrero says about it.

The largest Nutella factory in the world in the French town of Villers-Ecalles is due to "Quality problems" quiet. The production is "precautionary" temporarily stopped, says Nutella manufacturer Ferrero.